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Research activities

  • Monitoring the main abiotic parameters of the marine environment
  • The study and recording the organsmic and ecological marine biodiversity
  • Population ecology of benthic species
  • Spatial and temporal study of benthic fauna and flora and their interactions with environmental abiotic factors
  • Mapping the different types of marine benthic niches with the use of Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Effect of abiotic factors on the metabolism of marine species in laboratory conditions
  • Effect of fishing pressure and aquaculture on the marine environment
  • Valuation of marine biodiversity and its different uses
  • Valuation of the Coastal Zone
  • Risk Assessment on environmental investments
  • Development and estimation of environmental indices

Laboratory Equipment

  • Plankton and Benthic samplers (VAN VEEN, EΚMAN κ.λπ.)
  • Multisensory recording equipment for abiotic factors (CTD, Current meters)
  • Portable sensors for field use
  • Laboratory apparatus (scales, glassware)
  • Equipment for Histological examinations
  • SCUBA gear and underwater cameras
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