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Ph.D in Aquatic Living Resources

Minimum duration of research leading to a Ph.D. thesis is set at three years. The Ph.D. title is awarded upon successful completion of a novel research thesis through an open viva to the Examination Committee. Postgraduates are also required to attend a series of postgraduate courses depending on their academic background.

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Completed Ph.D. dissertations


1. Avgoustinos A (2012) Management approaches for the drainage netweork Asmaki, Greece.
2. Kaimakoudi E (2012) Marketing chain analysis of fisheries products in Greece under the frame of common fisheries policy.
3. Meziti A (2012) Gut bacteria associated with different diets in reared Nephrops norvegicus.
4. Parlapani FF (2013) Specific spoilage organisms and their effect on quality and fate of pathogenic bacteria in fish products.
5. Sentas A (2013) Stochastic simulation models in water quality parameters in Nestos River.
6. Malandrakis Ε (2014) Stress and welfare of intensively reared fish.
7. Vlahos Ν (2014) Nutrition and physiology of ornamental fish in aquaria.


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